Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back again...

The light has now dawned on me that I may not be the blogger who can post interesting and wonderful things on a daily or even weekly basis. I have been under the weather quite a bit lately. I live in San Francisco where the weather is totally unrelated to anywhere else in the world. Until today, we have been mostly in the grips of winter. Yes, I know it is June but the storms coming in off the Pacific Ocean don't know that. I have RA and when the weather is cold and damp I don't move around very fast and I am not able to work in my studio as much as I would like. So for the last month or so, I have been taking every opportunity of good health to work in my studio to get stuff made for Halloween and Vine which just seems to get closer and closer, but is actually Sept. 25 this year.

I now have a good group of figures going for the show. My favorite of the moment is Catrina. She was inspired by the Day of the Dead figures from Mexico. I have loved these figures for many, many years, but I didn't want to copy them. So it has taken quite a while to come up with this figure, which I think has my own personal slant on the subject of costumed skeletons. I now have three more of these figures in the works: two ladies and one gentleman. I am having a ball. I do have one problem concerning the name Catrina. All of these female figures are called Catrina, after one of the women portrayed by Posada in his original etchings. (See Jose Guadalupe Posada in Wikipedia or Google.) The figures in general, including the men, are called Calaveras or Skulls. Maybe this gal can keep her name of Catrina, but I will have to find different and appropriate names for the others.

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