Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tempus Fugit

My last post was all about little Speedy, and I just realized I have not posted anything for a while. Oops. Time flies...indeed it does. I remember as a little kid how slowly time passed. It took forever for Christmas to arrive. And the older I get, the faster time flies. And I am not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. I just know that my poor old brain (or what is left of a once potentially great mind) is still coming up with more ideas for new characters to create than I can possibly get to in years to come. That leads up to a little teaser about what I am working on now. The last post was the premier of the Hell on Wheels series. Well, I am making another series this year...crystal balls. The first one of those will appear here soon.

But while I am still on memory lane about my former professions, I will share one more with you. I have also been a professional makeup artist. You will not see my name on any major films, but I did makeup for a TV interview show and got to slap a bit of paint of some very famous faces. I also did some advertising print photo shoots, a bit of theatre, and some independent films that were shot locally. But the most fun I had was working with a photographer friend of mine doing fantasy makeup. This was way back in the '70's before all of those fantastic makeups were created using the computer. Each of these faces took anywhere from three to five hours to complete. They were being created especially for a closeup photo so they are very highly detailed. When I did these for stage, they were not nearly so intricate and took a shorter amount of time. The makeup that I was using was a water based theatrical makeup made in Germany That had just begun to be used in the US. The fact that it was very much like painting with gouache or opaque watercolor meant that very fine details could be painted on the skin.

The weird clown is actually me pretending to be a painting by Georges Rouault. This was one of the few that I did on myself. Trying to paint this on my face while looking in a mirror was pretty crazy. The tiger guy is just that: a tiger. The third one is in the style of a Byzantine mosaic. Enjoy.

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