Monday, March 26, 2012

Halloween Time

I know that Halloween may seem a long way off for some of you, but not me. I work all year long on creating fun characters for the fabulous Halloween and Vine Show at the end of September. But for those of you who just like Halloween stuff any day, I post some new things here and show them in my Etsy Store.

This is Winnifred. She is something of a Fashionista in her world of witches. This is her latest addition to her wardrobe:  a stunning cape decorated with designs of shoes and hats. What could be more wonderful. Winnie is 9" tall from the floor to the top of her head and 15" tall from the floor to the tip of her hat.  She is made from polymer clay, wood, papier mache, and wire. She is painted with acrylic paint. And she does indeed stand on her own. If you might be interested in having her come to your home, she sells for $175 plus SH.

This little gal is one of the new series of witches that I am making for this year. There is a preview of one of her sisters in a previous post and photos of more will be added soon. I hope you enjoy having a gander at this old gal. 

Wow, I don't post very often do I? Oh, well, LIFE has a way of taking over sometimes and you just gotta go with the flow.