Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

Snowflake Ballerina

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holidays and the best of all possible New Years. I got so excited about Christmas this year that I have started making a St. Nicholas, which I have never done before. Of course, he won't debut until Christmas next year, but I think he will be fun. I rarely do Christmas figures, but I am planning on having several in my Etsy store next year. Needless to say, I have got witches lining up on my work table already. I can never start too early getting ready for Halloween and Vine in September. And aren't you lucky, because I can give you a preview of one of those gals.

Happy Holidays from Charles and Buddy.

PS Yes the look of my blogsite has changed and not because I desired it to change. I have an ancient computer that will not support the new templates or even my old one. One of my New Year's resolutions is to get this sorted out and back to what I hope will be a better looking blog.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

These two fabulous pumpkins were created by a neighbor.  (I am on break for a bit.)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween in Petaluma

WOW! What an incredible show this year at Halloween and Vine. All of the artists really outdid themselves with wonderful new stuff. We arrived on Saturday morning to find about 100 people in line waiting for the doors to open and we had steady crowds until closing time. People were really snatching up things. No matter what the economy, you just can't keep those Halloween collectors from buying. Ginny and Christie and their staff did an incredible job this year of organizing, caring for the artists, decorating, etc. My witches hat is off to them. Hurray!

We had a great time visiting with all of the artists and catching up on goings on since we met last year. I was delighted to meet people in person that I know from the internet and to really get to know some of the folks that have been following my activities.

My friend Frank took some great photos of the event. So if you have never been to Halloween and Vine (shame on you), you can get a feel of the show and see some of the artists and their work. Check out his album at

The bright orange witch above is Maisie Malevento (her last name translates from the Italian to "bad wind"). She seemed to grab a lot of attention in all of her bright silliness. She sold right quick. I think I will be leaning more toward her style of figure this year. She was so much fun to make.

I promise more fun things soon here on the blog, but be sure and check out my ETSY store for lots of goodies. (It may take me a couple of days to get everything up, but I promise...soon.)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Halloween and Vine

Five days until the Big Day in Petaluma. Mark your calendars. This is going to be the best Halloween and Vine show yet. I have had the privilege of showing at this prestigious event for several years...this is number five for me. They just keep getting better.  I am so excited and I hope you are too.

I promise some new photos really soon. Be sure and check out all of the other wonderful artists at the website link on the right.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Season of the Witches

Mildred Malevento

I guess it is pretty easy to see from the photo above that I have changed my style of figures this year. This actually is not a new style for me, but rather going back to a style I was working in many years ago. A lot of folks love my sculptural figures, but some people have requested this style. So here we are. Mildred is the first in a series of witches in this style. She is 15" tall to the top of her head, not including her hat. She is dressed in silk, velvet, laces and net. I like her slightly tinted pince-nez. I will be having photos of the other girls up soon. HALLOWEEN & VINE is coming up very soon. Would you believe a week from tomorrow? Yikes! I've got to quit chatting and go back to work. 

Monday, September 12, 2011


I seem to always be posting on holidays. How strange. It isn't quite Halloween yet, but my Halloween comes early. I am proud to be showing my new work at Halloween and Vine once again. This year it will be on Sept. 24 - only 12 days away! But I had to give you a preview of what I will be showing.

This year it is all about bats, owls , and witches. I will preview photos of these others very soon, like in the next couple of days. By the way, I have changed my approach to the large figures. I hope you like them. 

Be sure and check out the Halloween and Vine website for all the details of the show and all of the wonderful artists that will be participating this year. Just click the image to your right. (One of my new witches is featured in the opening slide show. She is the one with the cane.)                    

Sunday, April 24, 2011

In your Easter Bonnet.........

Buddy and I wish each of you a very Happy Easter.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Fun Quote

"The artist's life is the best in the world, if you can survive the first 40 years."
       Thomas Hart Benton...American Regionalist Artist