Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Change of Heart/Mind

Originally I was going to use the "sew" method on this figure, but I decided to use the "glue" method instead. Why the change of mind? I am not sure, except that when I went into the studio and saw the ghost standing there with all of her base fabric pinned in place, I just couldn't resist the urge to open the bottle of Stiffy and just glue everything down and be done with it.

This photo is of Steps #2 and #3. This is a closeup of the stiffened fabric which is Step #2. For Step #3, I got out my wonderful and fun airbrush and sprayed color into the folds and a few other parts. I know that you are saying, "Wow. She sure is blue." But this is an underpainting, so to speak, for the final effect. Bits of fabric in varying degrees of transparency with be layered over this paint and it will be much more subtle in the finished figure. You do not need an airbrush to achieve this same effect. I just find it much more fun and a bit faster than doing it with a brush, which I had done for many years. The airbrush is a new toy for me and I am loving it. The paint I use is Golden Fluid Acrylics. This line of acrylic paint is fantastic. It comes in bottles and is about the consistency of heavy cream. One of the joys of using it is that you can just put one drop of paint on your palette or keep adding drops until you have just the exact amount of paint that is needed for that project. I think this is a great improvement over tube paint. I would always squirt out way more paint than I needed, thus wasting paint and money. Even though the Golden paint is thinner it has a very high concentration of pigment...a little goes a long way.

Off to the studio...

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