Sunday, September 16, 2012

Halloween Girls

It is getting sooooooooo close to the Halloween and Vine show, which promises to be very exciting this year. Mark Sept. 29 on your calendar and head over to Petaluma, CA.

I am frantic putting all of the finishing touches on everything for my display. I am still making more of the Cronie witches. I just can't help myself. So enjoy a preview of a few more. These gals range in the 9" height from floor to top of head, but then add the height of the hat and they measure about 15" or so. Some are just slightly taller than others.
This is a complete view of Winnie. Her head shot was in my last posting.

Here is Willa. I fear that she has been reading too many fashion magazines. (A little secret about her, is that she is named after a well known Broadway costume designer.)
And here we have Willie Mae and Willie Rae. Did your mother ever dress the two of you alike? My mother would dress herself, my dad, and myself  in coordinating outfits. My dad and I would have shirts made out of the same fabric as her dress. As you can see I had a very troubled childhood.

Stay tuned for more photos of more Cronies coming to a computer screen near you very soon. 

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