Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Petaluma here I come...

Friday is the big day. Most everything is packed and ready for the drive to Petaluma on Friday to set up for the big show on Saturday:  Halloween and Vine. I am really getting excited. This show is so much fun to be a part of...all of the artists are very talented and just down right nice people. I can't wait to see what everyone brings. I understand that people are bringing new and different things this year. I am one of those. I am bringing smaller things and a collection of figures inspired by the Day of the Dead holiday in Mexico and the Southwest US.

This woeful lady is Laverne. She follows in the tradition of the ghosts of other years, except she is a bit smaller. I really hope that you can stop by the show on Saturday and see her in person, along with lots of other fun figures for Halloween.

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